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[Visitor] I'm ordering a replacement false bottom for my oven. I see it has screw holes. Can you tell me what type of screw I'm gonna need to install the part?

[Kerri] In order to search for the correct part, please provide to me the complete model # directly from the appliance data tag.[Kerri] Click Here to Locate Your Model Number

[Visitor] JT912SF3SS is the model number for the oven. The part number is WB63T10034.

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[Visitor] thanks

[Kerri] no problem

[Kerri] click here to view diagram[

Kerri] do you see the part you need above?

[Visitor] number 210 from the diagram. i will say the shape in the middle of the bottom isn't an oval on your website though. do you know if that is an issue?

[Kerri] One moment please, I am researching this information for you.

Stove / Oven / Range False Bottom - WB63T10034

Stove / Oven / Range False Bottom - WB63T10034
$56.50 $44.79 


[Visitor] That's the part.

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[Visitor] I already have the part! I need to know about the screws so I can install it. Can you help me with that information?

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