The Great Pumpkin

Addie, Emmy and I made the trip to the local pumpkin patch with Grandma Riddle. 
Emmy had a really rough night and was not her usual happy self. In fact, I don't think she smiled once the whole time.
Grandma and Emmy.
Emily is such an animal lover. Figures she would have allergies to them.  
Addie? Not so much.
Emmy vs. The Chicken
Addie still hanging on for dear life.
Addie and Emmy
Emily loves, loves, loves horses. Unfortunately, her maiden voyage didn't end so well. Her hard had slipped off, hit the horse in the butt, and the mare jumped forward and crow hopped. Thank goodness the horse handler guy and I were right there to grab Emmy. They offered to let her go again on a different mount, but she said no thank you. 
Much to our surprise, Addie was super excited to ride. She did not get dumped.

Me and Addie with our haul.

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