Yes, We Have a Parade

Lexi still believes that the faster you wave, the more candy you get.

My favorite part of her outfit: the Cinderella slippers.
Emmy flying high.
Cute cousin Claire.
Uncle Brent's store had a Happy Birthday America cake float. It was awesome!
Uncle Brent and Ben.
I'm not sure if this was the Statue of Liberty or if they just wanted to have a toga party. Fun float, though.
The boy clown in the husband and wife clown team of Tracy.
Lexi and Nolan on the kiddie coaster at the park.
Uncle Craig and Papa looking so comfy in the kiddie cars with the girls.
Happy 4th!

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marti said...

the thing that strikes me most about this post is the last picture. don't get me wrong, they're all very captivating (especially Craig's look of focus and determination on the kiddie cars :D), but Allen's expression in the last picture really moved me. maybe i'm just reading into it, or it could be the fact that i've experienced the family atmosphere on the 4th, but he looks very proud. not in a boastful way, but in a "this is what i've been slaving away for all this time. THIS is what it's about. this is MY family, this is what i'm working to protect and provide a future for. this is the REAL investment i'm making in every day at work, every plane ride, every business trip that keeps me away." he looks proud of what you guys are accomplishing. and trac, i am always touched by the mama bear i get a glimpse of in the pictures of you with the kids. you may not realize it, but it is so very apparent in the small, quiet way you embrace the girls that you love them fiercely. i know you have both been drawn on physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as individuals and collectively this past year, maybe moreso now than ever before. and i also know there probably were melt downs and beatings were threatened to all that day, but it's nice to see a moment when the rewards, even if they are outwardly few and far between, for the sacrifices and struggles of late, are starting to show on your faces.

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