All of those items were free. I stacked manufacturer coupons with store sales and spent zero dollars.

The Pringles were a gift for my Dad since he just loves those chips to death. I've have been giving him a can when I see him. It makes him happy. Plus he shares his coupons with me, so I figure it's the least I can do to share my findings with him.

Those razors retail for $9.99 each. That is almost $50 savings!

When I was in the check out line, the cashier asked me if I just threw my free stuff away. I was appalled! The thought had never crossed my mind. I've decided that once my family's needs are met and we have a little stockpile, I'll donate any excess items to the local interfaith ministry or to the troops. I can also send my expired coupons to enlisted men and women who are allowed to use them anyways. 

Couponing takes some effort, I'll admit. But, I've saved upwards of $500 in the last 6 weeks on toiletries and groceries that we normally pay full price for. My best saving to date is 88% for $119. I paid $16 out of pocket on that trip and even earned another $7 to spend in the store later.

What I absolutely love the most is the mental exercise I get from my efforts. Being a stay at home of very young kids doesn't challenge the brain in the same ways that being in the work force does. I miss that quite a bit. This provides a way for me to help my family save money and keep me a little more sane.

It can seem daunting and too time consuming, but I've found it fits right into my life without being too painful. If you have questions, email me or put it in a comment. I'm no pro, but I can certainly tell you what's worked for me.


Silcox Stories said...

I would like to up for a private tutoring session. I feel like I have the hang of Safeway. Went the other day had 49% savings; considering I was just running in for 1 thing I was pretty pleased with what I came out with. Anyway, seriously i would like the in's and out's!

Poetry of Life said...

Ya Traci! Super proud of you. I need help when you find meat on sale. I HATE meat. Can't cook it, so don't pay attention to it. I will have to start trying again soon though. Love that you enjoy this too!

Liz R. said...

Is there a blog u follow to hear about it? What about those pharmacy stores (cvs, ect) that offers credit or something. Is the first time u go just to build a stockpile of points our credits (I don't actually know what I'm talking about) and then when u go back it's free?? Email me! (please)

Jesslyn said...

It's Jesslyn. This may seem like a stupid question, but where do you get all your coupons from? Our newspapers seemed to have bupkis so we don't even subscribe. (which I would just to get good coupons if they had them!)

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