Food Allergies Suck

Emily is allergic to:


and while this isn't a food allergy, she is also allergic to


I dare you to pull 5 things out of your pantry and/or fridge or even medicine chest that do not have dairy, soy, wheat, barley, oats (cross-contamination) or eggs in them. Read the labels carefully now.

Natural flavoring is evil just so you know. And soy lecithin. And soy can also be hidden in magnesium stearate. Also, anything listed as "vegetable oil" is soy based. And gluten is hidden in caramel color. Casein, whey, and lactose are just different words for dairy. What you may want to also know is nearly, if not all pharmaceutical companies use anhydrous (basically dehydrated) lactose as a filler.


I do not dare you to pull out 5 things that don't have dog in them. 'Cause if you have dog in your pantry items, you have it way worse than me.

The end.

*Thank you to the extremely allergic, but also extremely educated, Aunt Mart-eye for the exhaustive (if not totally depressing) list of things that we can't eat, breathe, or rub ourselves on.

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