Girl's Trip

Lexi and I made a big girl's only trip to Idaho. We stayed with Aunt Marti and Uncle Brian. We partied with Nana and Opa. Lexi was spoiled rotten and I got to sleep in and take a nap since everyone else was more than happy to spend some time with her.

Waiting for our shuttle to head to the airport.
Meeting the pilot. At the end of the flight, he was waiting for Lexi by the door. He called her by name and said goodbye. She gave him a thumbs up and told him he had done a good job.
Our little fire for roasting marshmallows.
Nana realized anyone trying to actually roast anything on the fire would suffer 3rd degree burns so she found a solution to our problem.
Nom! Nom!
Late night food run with Uncle Brian. An elderly man pulled up next to them and was giving Brian tips on how to drive fast and which cart was the best.

Nana, Lexi and Me having lunch.
Thanks guys for the awesome trip. It went way too fast!

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marti said...

i wish we could have gotten pictures and audio of Lexi's face on the bumper boats and the race cars. Brian said she was laughing like crazy and had a blast. we has such a good time with you guys. it was so nice to wake up and have you here. next time, bring the whole crew. we can have a campout in the backyard.

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