Party On!

Theme: Garden Party
Didn't Aunt Rachel do a beautiful job arranging all of the goodies?
Lexi got me a butterfly shaped cake pan for Christmas. As soon as I opened it, she told me: "Now you can make me a butterfly cake for my birthday!" So I did.
Activity and party favors all in one: watering cans that they got to personalize and then plant seeds that would grow into purple flowers (thanks Jennie, you genius, you.)

A rousing game of duck-duck-goose
Lexi and Lauren. These two have a long history together. Their first party: blessing day. The girls were blessed on the same day here in Tracy and we invaded the Silcox's for an open house that afternoon. I love seeing them five years later and finally getting to see each other on a regular basis.
Go Addie Go! (thanks Laura for so many great pictures)
Another request: pinata! Thanks (again) to Jennie for hunting this down while we were holed up in Reno.
Hannah was determined to break open that butterfly.
Look at that strong Uncle Craig holding that massive pinata.
Nolan meant business.
Like they'd never seen candy before and would never again.
Of course we had worms and dirt for a snack. Thanks Aunt Rachel for, literally, putting this whole thing together. There is no way we could have pulled it off without your help.
Grandpa Tweet and Lexi
Rough housing. No party is complete without it if Uncle Allen is there.
Dani and Aubree
Hannah and Lexi
Addie acting silly.
Emily entertaining herself.
Aunt Laura this is one of my favorites! Thanks for catching the stuff I missed during the party.
Let's not forget the presents.
Aside from our Chuck E. Cheese detour in Boise, this was the first real party Lexi ever had for her birthday. What a success! This was a collaborative effort if I ever saw one. Thanks so much Aunt Rachel, Uncle Craig, Jennie, Grandma and Aunt Laura for all jumping in to make sure we pulled it off. Lexi felt so special and had the best birthday ever.

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LWR said...

Lexi is special and the party was perfect! I loved the butterfly theme and the big pinata was a blast! We love you, Lexi ... you big 5 year old!

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