It Only Took Five Years

I finally made a trip to see my great friend, Brandi. The last time I had seen her was at Lexi's baby shower. She drove out from So Cal to NM, complete with pink crystal in the trunk of the car, to help Marti host the shin dig.

Now living just outside of SLC, she and her fabulous family have matured into an awesome and super fun group of people to be around. We spent way too many hours up past midnight, saw her oldest daughter off to prom, and laughed and cried until we peed our pants passed out.

Bran, at work.
Aubree getting ready for the prom. Oh, will she have a story to tell her own daughters!
Makensee. She's 12. Yah. I know.
Connor, Aubree and Al.
Brandi with Connor waiting for Aubree to leave for her extra special prom.
Awww. Sisters.
Like, how beautiful is this girl? Her date was a total toad, too.
He'll look back and wonder how in the heck he ended up on a date with her. Probably the best night of his night. Even if they got to the dance at 9:45 and it ended at 10. Yes. It ended at 10.
On my way to the airport. I just love those mountains.

 It had been way too long. I had a great time and will NOT let another five years pass before I see them all again.

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