It's Her Party

Lexi had been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese's to have a birthday party for quite some time. I think it started before Christmas. My party philosophy is pretty conservative: we don't do them. I just can't seem to justify spending $500 on a kids' party. I will say, however, that by the time I create decorations, buy food, come up with crafts, forget what I've planned and rebuy half of the stuff and get the party favors all worked out, any party with more than 3 or 4 kids isn't gonna be cheap. Anyhow, that's a discussion for a different day.

We were in Idaho for Lexi's actual birthday-day this year. She was so good while living in a box of a hotel room, being quiet at the residential facility, staying in the car for days on end (or at least it seemed), and being virtually ignored, I felt like we could try to do something special for her birthday.

Lo and behold, Boise has its very own Chuck E. Cheese. We were near lots of family, some of whom we hadn't seen in almost two decades, and even got one of our New Mexico friends (who moved to Idaho a few years ago) to come with her twins. I have to give the Cheese it's due: they rocked! We spent very little and had lots of food and fun for everyone. We played for hours and I think all who were there ended up having a great time.

She loves posing for the camera now!

Shannon with E & A. So good to see them. Shannon used to watch Lexi for me when I first started training horses again in New Mexico. She had her babies and then moved! I miss her a lot.
Uncle Brian made gluten, dairy and soy free cupcakes for Marti and Emmy.
Cake was included. I told you they rocked.
Asha wasn't so sure about the whole gluten free deal!
Emmy was stoked though.
Nana love
The star himself delivered the cake and took photos.
Opening lots of presents. Who do you think was more excited about the gift: Lexi or Nana?
The gang
After the emotionally charged week we'd had, this was a much needed distraction. Besides, it was Lexi's birthday and we couldn't let it go unnoticed, right? Thanks to everyone who partied with us and helped us have such a fun afternoon.

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