In the Barn

The girls have been helping me to feed and muck every night. They really look forward to our time with Honey and the rituals they have started out there. It's been a lot of fun to teach them how to "be" in the barn and around the horses. They are eager to learn and, I think, naturally good around the animals. They clean up after themselves and already honor all of the barn rules. I love seeing their enthusiasm and desire to work hard.

Honey hardly needs the extra calories, but the girls just love giving her some rolled oats at night.
Lexi gets it out of the can and then gives Addie the scoop so she can help pour.

No trip to the barn is complete without a chance to hang on the gate while it's swinging open or closed.
Walking with Dad.


Ryan Mellisa said...

I think it's wonderful that your girls are interested in the horses and honoring the barn rules. Your barn is gorgeous, by the way!

rl_riddle said...

Such cute pictures. They look right at home 'on the farm'! :)

Anonymous said...

lol, I remember when we would come and visit you guys when you lived in Traci. You and Marti used to show us how to swing on the gate like that! The girls are just so cute!

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