Hell Week 2: Conclusion?


I took popcorn as a snack for the kids. I don't have an air popper. So, I stood at the microwave and popped 24 bags of popcorn Saturday night. They take 2:30 each to achieve perfect doneness. I'll let you do the math.

Emily got her 6 month shots on Monday. 

Lexi has a chest infection.

Remember this? I got notice my insurance is denying the entire claim.

However, The Primary Program was a success.
I think that when you have a run of good days, weeks, months, whatever, life keeps score. Then, all of the things that could have gone wrong while you fooled yourself into thinking life might actually be worth living come crashing down all at once. 

You know, just to keep you on your toes.

The end.


Silcox Stories said...

Seriously? I lost count in that hell week, there's got a be an even better name for that one. Fight the claim; I fought the ambulance company for a year over Tyler's joy ride! Did I ever tell you about that one? As were being transported to the Tracy airport to be life-lighted to Oakland,no life saving measures were taken, therefore it wasn't necessary and denied by our insurance too. In the end it was the ambulance company that was causing the problems not the insurance. It's a pain, but fight it!!!!

twinzmama said...

Ok, so I'm just getting caught up on blogs and I have to say...you poor, poor girl! Now I understand why you wish you could come and camp out with me!! Thanks for pitying my poor life when yours is so much worse, you should have just told me where to go. I love you!!

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