Hell Week 2: Murphy's Revenge. Hope on the Horizon.

Day 5: Thursday

I think I forgot to mention one itty, bitty detail.

We're moving back to California for a little while. I know, I've not said too much about it and I certainly haven't given enough details about the whole thing. 

Well, we're leaving New Mexico on November 2nd. That's like, 10 days away. 

And we didn't have a house to live in. Allen had narrowed the search, but there was no way he was moving me into a house sight unseen. 

This weekend was to be my big excursion to California to see the potential home, pay the deposit and sign the lease. 

Let's put this into perpsecitve: 

The PCOV is dead and in the shop. The mechanic requested keeping it for an extra day to see if he could get it to pull it's crap again. The rental vehicle is to be returned on Friday, by me, when I am at the airport to catch my flight to CA to secure our housing. If the PCOV really does have an issue, this would leave Allen high and dry while I'm out of town. The pressure was on to get the PCOV repaired and back home in less than 24 hours.

Allen now has the barfing flu. 

 I've been a single parent for 5 days straight. With the added responsibilities of washing, disinfecting or burning everything and anything that may be infected with the barf germs. 

Single parent + sick husband = extremely tired and burnt out Traci.

The incubation period for this reign of terror is about 24 hours. That puts me barfing just as I'm supposed to be flying out Friday morning. This also puts my kids barfing while I'm gone to California. 

I can't very well get on a plane if I have the barfing flu. And I can't leave Allen to watch the kiddos all by himself if they all have the barfing flu too.

Plus, this weekend is the Primary Program. It's culmination of 10 months of work. It's the big finale for the kids under 12 at church. The parents and grandparents and uncles and cousins and friends of these kids all come out for the big day. I'm pretty heavily involved this year. I mean, what am I going to do, barf in a bucket behind the podium while I hold the mic for the kids?

Lexi has a solo in the program.

 And, I'm in charge of bringing snack for said 40 children on Sunday, too.

Kinda adds a little bit of pressure to the situation. Like, a lot of pressure. Like pressure cooker, screaming teapot pressure.

We all ate nothing but saltine crackers and room temperature water all day just in case we were next in line.

The day went by incident free.

We started to see a glimmer of hope. We though the rest of us might make it out of this unscathed.

But, you should never count your chickens before they hatch.

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