Hell Week 2: Murphy's Revenge. It just never ends!

Day 3: Tuesday

When you're in hell, the days kind of just run together. 

So, Monday's events spilled over into Tuesday. 

We had our POCV towed.

Lexi missed school.

But, Allen would be home late that evening! 

And, we was going to be coming home in a rental vehicle. 


The day was actually fairly uneventful. I mean, it was normal, by family standards.

There was crying and yelling and some hair pulling and some "If you do that again..." and then some time outs and quite a bit of spitting up.

But, not too bad considering. 

Allen graced us with his presence just about bed time. I know, convenient, huh? Gets home in time for hugs and bed. A little too convenient if you ask me.

As we're catching up, he mentions, "Yeah. Mom wasn't feeling that great when I saw her Monday night so she didn't eat much for dinner..."

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Silcox Stories said...

Wow, it never ends for you! It will, it will be all better once you get here, trust me I never have hell week around her.....HA!

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