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Welp, here we are at 35 weeks. The last few weeks have been a little crazy around these parts. In my ideal world, I'd have all these snarky posts available for your viewing pleasure. But, alas, all of the craziness has detracted from my time to create those entertaining posts we all love so much.

In an effort to keep my public happy (please tell me you can literally see the sarcasm dripping from that statement), I'm going to at least try to keep you on the up and up with baby numero 4.

Sooooo, my goal with this pregnancy is to have a VBA2C. That, my friends, is a (and excuse the anatomical terms that will be used with frequency here) vaginal birth after 2 c-sections. In some parts of the country, this type of thing is totally forbidden (at the hospital here in Tracy, for example) in others, it's highly recommended. The risk with a VBAC is that during labor, the uterus will rupture at the scar of the previous c-section. But, the risk is less than 1%.

If that does happen, things can get really bad, really quickly. As soon as the rupture occurs, the body shuts off oxygen to the baby. And, most facilities can't get the baby out (they do an emergency c-section) fast enough to prevent brain damage. Because the cost is so high, even though the odds are very low, a lot of hospitals won't do VBAC.

However, there are some risks with multiple c-sections, too. In fact, the risk of serious hemorrhage with the 3rd section is 12%. That often results in hysterectomies and other complications for mom after the surgery.

I've had 2 sections. Lexi and Emmy. With Lexi, the surgery was pretty uneventful for me. With Emmy, I hemorrhaged horribly, and needed a blood transfusion. The odds of me having that happen again are pretty high considering my past response to the surgery, and the increased risk overall with that many c-sections.

Addie was a very successful VBAC. The recovery was so much better. However, because Addie was a regular birth, and she took a big gulp of fluid as she came out, she ended up a NICU baby. Had we done another section, she probably would have come straight home with us. (Darned if you do, darned if you don't.)

Now, another caveat in this whole thing is that the nearest hospital for me to deliver at doesn't do VBA2C. If I'd only had one section, no problem. But 2? No way.

However, there is a location a little farther away from home that sees no problem with it (same insurance carrier - very strange, but that's how they've decided to roll). It's an hour and a half drive for us to get there. (That means laboring in the car for an hour and a half. That does not sound pleasurable to me at. all. But, having had c-sections, I'd take that over being cut in two any day.)

But, with any VBAC the conditions must be just perfect or they want to do another section.

Here's the requirements:
1. The baby must be in the head down position. No breech. No transverse (side to side).
2. The baby must be under 9 lbs.
3. They discourage the use of pitocin or other labor inducing drugs.
4. The mom shouldn't be over due. Anything over 40 weeks, and they see more problems with rupture.

Our little girl has been transverse the whole pregnancy. At 33 1/2 weeks, she was still sideways.

And measuring at least a week ahead size wise. Which = big baby.

Not the recipe I need for a VBAC.

I decided to try chiropractic to see if I could get the baby to turn. The local doc here has had a 100% success rate.

The baby turned after 3 treatments.

This size thing can't be determined until I'm at 37 weeks. If she's looking near 9 lbs, I'll have to schedule surgery. Anything less, and we're good to try for the old fashioned grin-and-bear it method.

If you asked the local yay-hoos around these parts, they would say I'm in for a ginormous kid. Every time I leave the house, I get some comment about how I have to be due any day (I wish), and how I must have more than one kid in there (I do not wish). And, how I've dropped. And, I must be going to have the baby early. I had the same experience with Addie and Emmy. People (medical professionals, even) swore I'd have an early baby. And while they were sizable, neither of them came early. I fully expect this one to be the same.

My doctor is very optimistic about me having a normal delivery. I'm so grateful she's been open to it and hasn't tried to scare me into surgery. I actually had one nurse say to me after I'd explained my plan, "Well, you must be fine with killing your baby then." I felt my face get hot, I resisted the urge to punch her in the throat, and simply said: "Well, you and I obviously have different opinions about the matter. AND, why would my doctor be supportive if it was so dangerous?"

SO - with all that said, the baby is in the right spot. We just need to see how big she's going to be. If history is any gauge, she'll be big. Emmy was 10 lbs. a week early. But, you never know. I'm holding out hope.

In other exciting news, this last week I've been down with a nasty head cold/cough deal. I'd been really dizzy, weak, and sick to my stomach for a few says so I went in to my doctor. She made me stay and get some IV fluids. Then, they drew some blood to see how my organs are working since my blood pressure was up by 20 points for me. I am also chronically anemic, so they tested that too.

The results came back, and I'm pretty bad off anemia wise. They recommended I take 2 iron pills a day.

I AM already taking 2 iron pills a day.

So, now I'm slated to go in weekly for an IV treatment of iron until the baby is born.

(And, I ended developing ear, sinus, and chest infections. Yay me!)

Otherwise, I'm in tip top shape, and super happy to be alive. (Again, with the sarcasm.)

Now look at some pictures I took of myself last week:

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Liz R. said...

you look DARLING! and don't you wish you could go into the same ignorance at child birth as you did with your first. it's just not as scary when you don't know what you're actually really getting into.

praying for you that everything will be smooth. or slippery and fast!

btw - way to not swear ;) or kill the nurse.

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