Just before Christmas, we had a 3-D ultrasound done. I've always felt like these things were a little weird, and that all babies look the same all squished up in there. However, after some consideration, I decided that since this is the last little Riddle, we might as well see what she looks like. 

When we started, she had her legs and arms covering her face! Each appointment is only 20 minutes long, and at minute 15, we still hadn't gotten a very good look at her. The tech said we'd probably need to re-schedule, but that she'd try one more time before calling it a day. 

Finally, the little girl cooperated, and we got to see her face. She looks a whole lot like Lexi and Addie did when they were newborns. They had the most furrowed brows! And of course, she has my nose. All the girls do. It's my Grandma George's nose and apparently, that side of the family wants some representation!

Here's what she looks like as a 31 week old:

The cord was in front of her face which is why the bridge of her nose has that
blemish-y looking thingy.
She opened her eyes quite a few times while we were looking at her. The tech said that's pretty uncommon and to be prepared for feisty one. Like any other type of girl would fit into this family.
She was sucking on her hand in this one. 
At 31 weeks, she was only 3 weeks younger than Lexi when Lexi was born. Seeing the similarities was pretty easy since they probably weighed about the same. With more time to put on some baby fat, who knows, she could look more like one of the other girls. Of course, we have no idea what color her hair will be. It's always an adventure at our house since our three now are so different that way.

We have 7 weeks left until she's supposed to meet us in person. That seems like a good amount of time, but it's not much time at all! Life just gets busier and is slipping through our fingers faster than we can keep up, it seems. We think of all that we need to get done to be ready for this new addition and we are running out of time!

Here's to a pleasant and glowing and healthy 7 weeks! (That comment was made with heavy sarcasm by the way. We all know the last weeks are nothing but miserable, bloat-filled, suffering and that's just the way it is.)

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