We started our celebrations with the cousin/aunt/uncle gift exchange at Gma's house. The kids seem to get pretty excited about choosing the perfect present for their loved ones. 

Look at Dani's face!

I'm sensing a theme here for these girls...
Lexi and Dani are both taking piano lessons so they each played some Christmas songs for us during the party.

We went to church:

 Then, on Christmas Eve, Gpa Bob and Gpa Tweet came over. I made Grandma Vincent's famous ham and all the fixings. Then, we opened presents. 

I made a photo book for Gpa Bob. It was a hit!
Davis Dog (our first born) even made the trip over. We miss him so very much!

Gpa Bob got the girls the new Kindle Fire HD. It took them about two nanoseconds to figure them out. They have been a great learning tool for the kids. And yes, a 2 1/2 year old can easily use one!
 And, finally, the big day!

Drunk on Christmas happiness. 
He does exist!
Looking for the candy canes Santa leaves on our tree each year.

Allen got the girls some special presents this year...
And then he got some of his own!
Christmas gets better each year. The girls understand the art of giving (and receiving, of course) as they get older. They look forward to the traditions we've started and continued. They love being around family. We've spent plenty of Christmas days alone and while we enjoyed being together, there is something to be said for the celebratory chaos that comes with living close to family.

We've been incredibly blessed as a family to have the means to celebrate Christmas so generously. We live in the greatest nation on Earth. We have the truth of the gospel in our home. And, most importantly, we have each other.

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Jesslyn said...

Getting caught up on my blog perusing. Your girls are so adorable. We have those same plasma cars but had to leave them behind because there's no pavement anywhere near our house on which to ride them. The girls miss them a lot.

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