Our Life In Pictures

I do love a wordy blog post, but I find myself short on time (and energy) these days. 

Enter: a photo diary. 

Better than nuthin', right?

Gpa Tweet's present to the girls was this awesome soccer goal. It can be used in 3 different ways.  And, yes, we let them play with balls in the house. What else is Christmas break for if not breaking the rules?

Pony rides (this one is old, but I wanted to remember it...)
Lexi got the Michael Jackson Experience dancing and singing game for Christmas. Even Allen, who was sick as a dog and recovering from surgery couldn't' resist dancing a few moves. Yes, we even had surgery during our break. Don't worry, that story is definitely going to have it's own post.  
We spend a lot of time riding scooters and bikes these days.
The girls dressed up as presents for the ward Christmas program.

I think she might have a future in the extreme sports...
Baking bums. 
Lexi kicked the habit of biting her nails. She actually stopped about 4 months ago so I finally took her to get a fancy manicure to celebrate.
And we lost more body parts.
Houston, I think we have a problem. This is the oil "leak" from our truck. Except that our truck holds 14 qts. of oil. It's really worthy of a blog post all on its own.  
Of course, we had to have some bad behavior. We choose to reward that with extra chores in our house.
And they have to do with a happy heart. And they always do; they actually seem to love it. 
Lexi writing her first original song.

Many a movie was watched during our break.
The weather had been pretty gross. When this happens, or we're just looking for something fun to do, we load up and have a picnic in the back of the Excursion. Dad was able to meet us "at the top of the world" for lunch this day.
We made 27,000 cookies. 

And we rode bikes some more.
And drove our plasma car some more.
We ate lunch with safety goggles and binocs. 
When a house has 5 bathrooms, buying toilet brushes in bulk is a must do.
Kindle hangover. We found her at 4 a.m. downstairs, with all the house lights on, playing on her "notepad". The next morning she paid the price.
Big sissy (as she likes to be called) tickling Emmy. Always ends in tears and pouting, but it's fun for a time.

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