Guess Who's a Sunbeam?

Turning three as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a big deal! That's when you get to leave behind the babies in nursery and go to Primary with all of the big kids.

Addie earned this right of passage since she turned 3 in December. She has always loathed nursery and would often come with me to class rather than go in with the other babies. She was very excited to be a Sunbeam and "not yell, fight or cry!"

Her teacher said she was great in class on her first day. 

We are so happy for Addie and that she enjoys going to church now!


Anonymous said...

Alright Addie! She is growing so fast! It is amazing that there are some kids who actually love to be in the class, instead of nursery!

marti said...

Yay, Addie! Aunt Mart-eye and Uncle Brian are very proud of you! You have always been a sunbeam as far as we're concerned and now it's official. We love you, Addie.

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