Addie's Fee!

And by that she means three.

We had a birthday party here at the house to celebrate our Addison.

Addie had a Tinker Bell themed party. My grandpa's neighbor, Aunt JuJu, is a custom cake maker. She volunteered to make this Pixie Hollow cake for us. So much time and love went into this; Grandpa even got to help. The kids were enthralled!
Our activity was cupcake making. Addie helped with the "prep" work.

Emmy wasn't far off to lend her own version of help, too.

Lexi made a sign for Addie and helped decorate the special birthday girl chair.
The first of our honored guests: Grandpa Bob.

Cousins Ben and Hannah were ready to make cupcakes.

I think Addie approved.
I know Bree did!
Getting to the good stuff: presents!

Grandma and Addie with one of her many great gifts.
Happy Birthday Addie!

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Anonymous said...

Oh she is just too sweet! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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