Fashion Lab: Shapewear

There was an article in the January '12 issue of O magazine about common body flaws and how to use fashion to fix them.

Problem: Turkey Neck

Solution: Scarf

Problem: Muffin Top

Solution: High waisted shapewear

Problem: Pooch

Solution: Briefs with panels
Problem: Armpit Fat

Solution: Bra with side slimming panels

Problem: Bat Wings

Solution: Ch'arms

Problem: Mom Butt

Solution: Butt padding

Problem: Chub Rub
Solution: Thigh shapewar

Problem: Cankles

Solution: Nude heels

Problem: Back Fat

Solution: Bra with smoothing panels

Problem: Double Boobs

Solution: Full coverage bra

Which got me to thinking: if I'm the problem, what is the solution?

Problem: Me


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