Weighty Matters

I'm about 6 weeks into my Medifast program. I've lost 25 lbs. I've learned a lot about myself in this short amount of time.

My Triumphs have been:

- eating only my medifast meals and lean and greens unless I specifically plan otherwise (like on vacations or a very special occasion - I allow myself to have one "cheat" meal a week)
- not giving into emotional cravings
- I'm on day 5 of being alone with the kids while Allen's out of town and haven't cheated. (on the diet. geez. what's wrong with you guys?)
- went to McDonalds to get Lexi an ice cream after the first day of school and didn't order any food. Just a regular sized Diet Coke (for those of you who know me, this is HUGE)
- I can now tell the difference between hunger and thirst
- I can tell the difference between boredom and hunger
- We went to the baseball game and I didn't get a single thing. Not one.

My Fails have been:
- feeling impatient
- allowing my hunger or frustration to effect my behavior negatively
- not drinking all of my water each day; it's hard to get that gallon down sometimes

Why I like this particular program:
- it's nutritionally balanced
- it's basically fool proof
- I don't take any drugs or appetite suppressants so I'm really having to listen to my body.
- I've been successful at it while raising three small children on inconsistent exercise.
- The results are quick enough that I stay motivated.

Why I don't:
- The food can be a bit dull, but it's good enough that I'm sticking with it so it can't be that bad.

What I look like now:

Thanks to my photographer for this shoot: Lexi
So it's a bit cheesy, but I was trying to do this while the kids were running around yelling and we were running out the door to school. I'm kinda proud I was willing to take the picture; I haven't allowed a full body picture of myself to be taken for about 3 years.


LWR said...

You ROCK! Way to go...keep it up! I'm rooting for you! lol

Liz R. said...

way to go! that's amazing and a lot of weight! i always think of weight in terms of bags of potatoes. even a 5 lb bag can be lumpy and distribute through out your body. way to loose 2 1/2 10lb bags of potatoes ;)

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