Lexi's First Day of School

Lexi started kindergarten this year. I had a lot of people ask me if I was going to cry. My response was always the same: Heck no! I've been waiting for this day for the last five years. 

Lexi was ready. I was ready. Her sisters were ready. It was time for Lexi to leave the nest. 

We went on a special school shopping trip and she chose her very own backpack.  I'm pretty sure she put it on about 2 hours before we had to leave.
Lexi's version of silly face.
Lexi, Addie and Emily
Lexi and Addie doing silly face.

What little girl wouldn't want her Dad to walk her to school?
Lexi with Mrs. Silva, her teacher.
Our school has a separate playground just for the kindergarten kids.
Our very own, very animated kindergarten yard duty.
Every morning they sing a silly song while they stand in line.
Lexi's classroom.

Lexi had a great first day. 

 And there really was no crying at all.


Poetry of Life said...

Ya Lexi!!! You will be an awesome student!

LWR said...

OMG! I love these pictures. She is so adorable and grown up. Congrats Lexi on 'leaving the nest'! :) xox G'ma

Anonymous said...

That is so great! I really hope that Ashkon's first day is the same. :-)

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