I've stopped reading food blogs and watching Food Network.


I love to cook.

I love people to eat what I cook.

I love when they are filled with warm, gooey, satisfying goodness and complete satisfaction because of something I made.

But, alas, reading about and watching the creation of such ooey, gooey goodness has prompted many late night inventions.

Most of which are exceedingly delightful.

But also exceedingly fatty.

And it hasn't really helped me as much as I thought it would.

As I've known to do, I'm choosing to be black and white on the issue.

I figure better no temptation at this point.

What purpose would that serve me?

None. It would be sabotage. And I don't want to be one of those self-defeatist type people.

(Plus, I think it makes people hesitant to be your friend.)

I do miss them. (The foodie things. Not my friends. I still have most of them.)

You know what I don't miss?

The 16 lbs. I've lost.

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Jesslyn said...

Heck yeah! 16 pounds!! So fantastic. Are your pants falling off you yet?

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