Look Ma!

I'm not a crafty person. I rarely come up with original ideas for anything that requires creativity. I'm so bad I need to wear a helmet when I do crafts. Find a solution for a horse whose ribs are sticky? Absolutely. Make a cute card for Valentines? Yeah. As if.

While I was looking at the pre-made selection at our local Tar-je store, I was completely underwhelmed. They were just plain crap. There was not a single gender-neutral-even-sort-of-tolerable Valentine to be had. It was either frilly princess with glitter stickers or flame throwing ninjas with tattoos. Um, I have a 4 year old who goes to school with other 4 year olds and there are boys and girls. Plus, each box comes with about 20 million cards and I needed 16.

After muttering my way out of the store, I resolved to make my own stinkin' Valentines. I quickly rememred an idea from the Preschoolers Busy Book. Take a new dish sponge, cut it into a shape, pour a liberal amount of your color of choice Tempura paint on a paper plate, press said spongy shape into paint, press sponge onto surface of your choice and WA! LA! insta-stamp.

I figure, if a Preschooler can do it, I can do it. I cut a sponge into two different sized hearts, bought some plain greeting cards and cut them in half and stamped my night away. To make them super awesome, I glued little boxes of nerds on there. Then, Lexi signed all 16. All. by. herself.

Watch our Martha Stewart.


LWR said...

Well, how dang cute and adorable! Way to go mom and Lexi! They are MORE cute and much more personal than the store bought ones--for sure! :)

Rafahi Family said...

Nice. Better than I could have done. :-)

Poetry of Life said...

Super cute!

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