California Academy of Sciences: Part 2

The rain forest is 4 stories high. The animals at each level represent what you'd really find in the rain forest. So, the animals that live in the water are featured in the aquarium. The swam dwellers? One flight up from the aquarium but beneath the rest of the academy. Once you enter the ground and higher evels, the non-poisonous or non-lethal or non-just plain gross animals are loose. Here is a McCaw parrot.
This is a blue whale fossil.
I couldn't get all of it in one frame. The thing spanned one half of the facility!
The entire exhibit is so humid. By the time we left, we were dripping with sweat and my hair was a poof.
This pendulum has been on display for a long time. When they built the academy, they relocated the pendulum inside. The actual pedulum does not rotate with the earth. It swings in a straigt line. However, the needle knocks down the pins as they move with the earth's rotation. The pins are set out in 15 minute increments.
The Living Roof. There are local varieties of wild plans and gardens up here. The windows are skylights and vents for the academy.
We went across the street to the park. The mounted police were out in full force.
One sight you are guaranteed to see in the city is at least one person doing Tai Chi. As soon as we exited the academy, we saw this guy. It was awesome.
The main fountain.
Lexi in the amphitheater.

Emily thoroughly enjoyed herself. Even totally drenched and with bare feet.
So, when was it dedicated?
The weather was phenomenal. We were just a few blocks from the beach. The girls have never been to the ocean. We hightailed it out of Golden Gate Park to try and beat the fog.
But, we were too late.
We had dinner with Grandpa Bob on the way home. The girls had the best time. I would highly recommend a visit if you're looking for a great day trip in the Bay Area.


LWR said...

Wow...great place...with LOTS to do! I think G/G should go, too! Looks like you had a lovely day!

The Riddle Family said...

You are an awesome mom! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!I haven't been there since I was Lexi's age. After seeing how much fun you guys had I want to go again!

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