California Academy of Sciences: Part 1

Lexi had a school holiday so we decided to see some sights. Allen was out of town so Grandpa Bob made the trip with us. After doing some research, we chose to visit the academy of sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This is a fairly new attraction in the city. Within one building is an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum and four story rain forest.

We started off in the Philippines with sting rays.
And sharks.
As we walked around the sharks, we passed by the coral reef.
Then we saw the famous Albino alligator. He has red eyes. You know, like the white rats? Super gross.
Heading to the aquarium.
The aquarium is on the lowest floor. As you work your way up, you go through the animals that live at leach "level" on the planet.
Sea Star exhibit. Lexi was all for touching them. Addie wouldn't even entertain the thought!
Making our way up to the swamplands level.
Before we went into the rain forest, we had a little lunch. Just a word to the wise: bring lunch. The eatery there is super busy and chaotic. Good food, but what a zoo!
They have lots of tables outside. After the girls ate, they ran and ran and ran. There were tons of kids playing and blowing bubbles.
Lexi with the freaky alligator.
Emily was fantastic. I figured she deserved a break from the confines of the stroller so we stopped at the tidal pool exhibit for a rest. The rails were perfect for her to hold on to and jump around. The water is actually in motion, like the bay so she was mesmerized by the waves.
I spy...
Jellyfish. Oooh. Aaaah.

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Poetry of Life said...

Great pictures! Glad you guys got to get out a little while the weather was nice.

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