You Can Give Me Teacher of the Year Award

Lexi: Mooooommmmm! Addie is touching the ornaments with her pacifier!

Me {in high-pitched teaching voice}: Addie, we don't touch the ornaments. We look at them. You can sit on the couch or floor and look at the pretty ornaments, but we don't play with them. Do you understand?

Addie {nodding emphatically}: YAH!!!!

Me {serious high-pitched tone}: If you play with the tree again, you get 2 spanks. Ok??

Addie {smiling}: YAH!!!!

Lexi {serious teaching tone}: Yah, Addie. That means if you touch the tree twice, you get four spanks.

Me {proudly exclaiming}: Lexi, you just did multiplication! Awesome! Give me high five!


rl_riddle said...

These girls are SMART!

The Riddle Family said...

I love it!!! So does the 2 spanks warning work because we are having a heck of a time with Claire and our tree! We put her in her crib every time and it hasn't phased her... the little beast!

Crystal said...

That is so funny...thanks for the laugh!

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