Teddy Bear Tea

Each year the local hospital has a few fundraisers focused around the Christmas Holiday. One of those is a lunch time "tea" for kids. We knew of it because our nieces and friends have attended year prior. This year our close family friends treated Lexi and I to tickets.

It's a formal affair and beautifully decorated.
This is one of the head tables. Attendees at one of the other fundraisers bid on the seats at the prior year's auction.
These trees are donated and auctioned off each year as part of the fund raising.
Lexi was thrilled to see her cousins and some of her friends at the same party.
She had a balloon dog made for herself. We watched parts of the Nutcracker, wrote a letter to Santa and dined on miniature peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot cocoa, mini cheesecakes and brownie bites. They even have a secret Santa shop where only children are allowed. They can pick out presents for family members and then the gifts are wrapped for them so they remain a surprise.

Lexi even caught Santa visiting and had her picture taken with him. (the picture is still at the photo studio. don't judge.)

As you can see from Lexi's face, she had a great time. This really was a fun way to spend a couple of hours just mommy and daughter. We will most definitely go again next year.

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rl_riddle said...

What a super fun event! Love the pictures and how neat for the cousins to be together at something so special. Of course, what a great mommy-daughter event, too!

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