Mission: FHE

I found this idea and thought it was so cute. We decided to spice it up a bit though.

We chose two families we thought would be game (and we liked) and everyone told me two reasons they loved them. I wrote down exactly what was said. For example, Lexi's was "I love them and I love them and I love playing with them." I wanted it to be genuine, you know.
To add a little fun, we chose to employ this activity with a Mission:Impossible theme. We donned our ski masks and glasses and set out to door bell ditch those we love the most.
The Stealth Mobile. (It's a diesel, folks.)
Operative Numero Uno reporting for duty.
We brought along security just in case we came up against the enemy.
Operative Temper Tantrum locked and loaded.
Operative Dad E Oh completely disguised. At this point, I put on the Mission: Impossible theme song and we went stealth.
Approaching the target. As we neared, I killed the headlights (and put it in neutral). This neighborhood has its own security. Just as we were trying to pull this off, security drove down the very court our targets lived on. We all sat perfectly still to avoid being noticed - with our ski masks on! Then, as Dad E Oh and Uno excited the Stealth Mobile, two neighborhood ladies walked right by. We waved and said, "Evenin!" Needless to say, we got a good laugh.
On the move.
Fleeing the scene.
The second phase of our mission. If you look closely, you can see Uno's jacket mid-air next to the blue truck. She and Dad E Oh made a quick get away.
Mission Completed!


LaNell said...

Yep! That was pretty neat! I especially recognized the SECOND house! :) :) :)

Kellie said...

You all sure do know how to have a good time! Can't wait to get there and partake in the family fun..

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh you guys rock! That looks so fun!!!
Loving the stealth pictures - hee hee!

Hatch Family said...

super cute and fun!

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