Where We're At - Addie

Addie is almost 15 months old. I know! For those of you who haven't been raising her, the time has been flying by! Honestly, it's been flying by for us too.

Here's the stats: 23 lbs. 9 oz. and 30 inches tall.

Of course, Addie is still a pretty happy kid. She plays well by herself and usually plays pretty well with Lexi. She runs almost everywhere she goes. I forget how young she is because she can do a lot of things for herself and is so mobile. She can say, "Dadda, all done, ball, yah, bath, and thank you". When we tell her it's bath time, she runs full tilt down the hallway and tries to jump in. She washes her own hair and puts on her own lotion. When she's ready for a diaper change, she comes over, pulls on her pants, I ask her if she wants it changed, she says, YAH, and then proceeds to lay down on the floor and try to take off her pants. When we're done, she throws her own diaper away. After she has her bottle, she takes it to the sink for me and after all meals at the table, she pushes in the chairs while Lexi clears the table.

There are two things that almost make my head spin off like a top somedays. One is that she still cries a lot of the time at nap time and bed time. STILL. And I don't mean a whimper for 30 seconds. I mean all out wailing for up to 10 minutes. The good news is that at night once she's down, she very rarely gets up before morning. The other is that she is horrible in the car. She screams - SCREAMS - if the ride is any longer than about 10 minutes. It's pure torture to be stuck in the car with a screaming toddler. I'm sure it's on par with water boarding.

We've successfully weaned her off of her Prevacid. We did it bit by bit over 2 months time and all went well. We're so glad to finally be off of all meds. She's still eating her special formula. But, we're slowly adding milk to it to see if she's finally outgrown her allergy. We add 1 oz. of milk to every bottle. We'll work up to her whole 5 oz. bottle being all milk. Eventually, she'll just have milk in a cup, but we have to do this slowly so it's going to be quite the process. She has a horrible feeding aversion, however, to almost all solids. She was eating baby food just fine until about 11 months old. She started refusing; we just kept offering. We talked to her doctor and figured she'd grow out of it in a few weeks. Well, 4 months later, she won't eat anything but crackers and fruit snacks. I even gave her a bowl of food and her own spoon so she could just play with it. No pressure. Her hand touched the food and she gagged. This is very typical of a sensory feeding aversion. Lots of reflux kids develop it at about 11 months - just when you try to make the switch to more textured food items. And since I'd like to get her off of the bottle sooner rather than later (hello! do you think I want two kids on bottles - hizell no) we're facing a little bit of a predicament since she won't eat any real food. Thus, our gastro doc referred us to the speech therapist/occupational therapists to help us conquer this challenge.

We have a lot of people ask us if she'll have curly hair like Lexi. It's looking that way. She has those little ducky curls in the back where her hair is the longest.
Addie is a super fun kid to have around. She's nearing the age where her development is going to take off. We can already see that happening; she learns something new every day. She loves being outdoors and I think she has the horse gene as every time we do go outside she runs to the gate and wants to pet Honey. We love having Addie in our family; she really does add so much joy to all that we do.


Robert said...

That kid is just adorable! And smart! And that hair! Good luck with the on-going goal of getting her to eat real food! We love having Addie in our family, too! XOXOX (G'ma loves getting the pictures!)

Poetry of Life said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe how much she has grown since we last saw her. I'm so glad that she is growing up and communicates so well with you. That will really come in handy when the new baby comes! (Any name ideas yet???)

Anonymous said...

Addie is so cute! I am sorry that you and Allen have had to go through the difficulty with food for her, but hopefully her body will overcome it soon! You guys have done such a graet job with your girls! They both are super cute, smart and seem to be becoming very independent!

Silcox Stories said...

Oh, how I love her (and her 2 sisters)! So big and so proud. How we miss you all too much for words!

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