Random Sampler

  • My due date is still "officially" the 28th of April. But, our last ultrasound says we're due about a week before that. Of course, they don't change anything because what's a week (besides pure hell) when you're 10 months pregnant? And, I'm measuring 2 cm larger than I should be for where I'm at in the pregnancy (according to official dates). That means almost nothing, really. My gut says closer to mid-April rather than the end. I hope my guts are right.
  • I've gained 9 lbs. and I'm 32 weeks along. I don't want to gain anymore. What a pipe dream, huh? Hopefully, I'll keep it at a minimum.
  • Lexi has memorized the first two Articles of Faith. Once a month, in primary, the kids can go up front and recite them to get a sticker. We prep Lexi for these days so she will feel comfortable going up if she wants. What a waste of time. She clearly has no issue with public speaking as this last Sunday, while the President was announcing that the kids could go up if they wanted, she proceeded to get up out of her chair, step up to the podium, pull down the microphone (who even taught her about that?!?), and recite the second one for everyone to hear. Mind you, I'm in there and whisper yelling, "SIT DOWN. LEXI, SIT DOWN!" as she makes her way to the front. Everyone else is giggling and thinks it "so cute". Precocious little thing. I didn't say precious, I said PRECOCIOUS. Don't know where she gets it.
  • Apparently, I'm married to a really good vacuum engineer. About 3 weeks ago, he was sought out by management to help with a project at another lab. Turns out, Lawrence Livermore Lab in CA needs some help putting together this NIF project and they decided to ask Sandia (there is an ongoing competition between these labs so calling in the big dogs from Sandia is kind of a big deal - sort of like Israel and Palestine singing Kum Ba Ya and having a real cease fire) to send the best guys they've got. Well, Allen made the list. Him and one other guy. So, Allen's been in CA for the last 2 business weeks. He will have to travel to CA pretty frequently to help out until this is all said and done. The goal is to have it wrapped up and functioning by Spring 2011. Need I remind everyone that we're having a baby in 8 weeks? And Allen's supposed to be gone to CA a bunch this spring, summer, fall and winter? Great for Allen's career; sucks for the home life. Way to go on being the best vacuum guy in the West, though.
  • Lexi has taken hair care into her own hands. And scissors. Literally. While I was getting my own locks taken care of, Lexi was visiting the Alexis Riddle School of Totally Amateur Beauty Styling. She chopped her bangs and made a cute little triangle mohawk in the front of her head. Thankfully, right now, with some creative use of gel and hairspray and clippies it's not too noticeable.
If you completely over look the shelf of hair she has in the back now, too.


rl_riddle said...

So hope your delivery date inches up! And way to go on only gaining 9 lbs!! We know our Lexi is a star; I so wish I could have seen her "recital". :) And so sorry about her beautiful hair! She must quit that "beauty school" immediately! Toooo funny. Thank goodness it will grow back... And, lastly, congrats to the awesome vac engineer! Another professional "feather in his cap"!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I remember when Nicole and I cut each other's hair when we lived in Manteca. It was really bad because we were about 5 and at the time our hair went down to our rear ends. Yes that long. We thought we were playing beauty parlor. I have not idea where we came up with the idea, but I rememeber a lot of screaming, spanking and crying.
Lexi does not look too bad. And it sounds like you are craetive enough to hide it!
I am sorry you have to go through the single parenting for a while. Hopefully it will work better when the baby comes. I am sure there will be plenty of people to help! I wish I could come and be there for you! I will keep you in our prayers.

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