She Works Hard For the Money

Lexi asked us for money a few weeks ago. We figured if she is old enough to want to spend money, then she's old enough to earn it. So, for FHE, we implemented her chore chart system. For every task she completes, she gets a sticker. Since we're in the month of Valentine's, we are using heart stickers (unless Mommy totally forgets to put the hearts on and then we use a Sharpie marker and make "x" marks). We also taught her about tithing since she's going to be paying her own way from now on (wink, wink).

Since we introduced formal chores for her to do and told her she can earn money for toys, candy, shoes, or whatever, she has been more than willing to do almost anything we ask. She has these regular chores, but can earn extra by helping Daddy in the yard or doing some extra work.

We think this is a pretty big milestone for our Lexi and are so happy she's excited to help out. We also know this will likely be a temporary phase where chores are considered a privilege and not punishment. But, hey, we'll take it where we can get it.


rl_riddle said...

How cute! And VERY GOOD...start 'em young!

Rafahi Family said...

Nice!!! I wish Ash would be so willing to earn some money. Let me know how this goes over time. I am curious to see if we can get Ash doing something by the time he is 5! His answer to evetything is "I can't do it!"

ahners said...

Hey- I like that chore chart. If I could get a sticker for everytime I ate breakfast(snack,lunch,snack,dinner,snack...)I would be rich!!:)

Queen "B" said...

Never ceasing to magnify your calling as a Mother, Trac...you rock Sista
I now have to threaten with cell phone confiscations for 7 days along with a home grounding, I will say that on the last round A and C were in purgatory at the same time and "I DID" accept bribes of foot massages and matched minutes for minutes, oh yeah brilliance on my part!! a bit of torture for them, but I loved,and it gave me 30 minutes of massage from each kid lol lol!! Who knew that the cellular world would be a bargaining chip? I miss the sticker days...hmmmm maybe I should try it again?

Poetry of Life said...

So cute! Danielle is 7 and we haven't established 'chores' to do. You are ahead of the game!!!

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