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Oh, about a year ago the TV in our bedroom died. Since it's not a real high priority item for us, we just went without. This summer, Allen mentioned getting a flat screen for the bedroom when the good sales of the Holiday season rolled around. Well, I said, if we're going to get a flat screen why not get one for the family room and move the old style TV to the bedroom? (um, 'cause it costs way more for the bigger set, duh). But, Allen said ok.

Buying a new TV for the family room would require a new entertainment center. We picked one out that fit our budget. Black Thursday, Allen set out with the crazies at 5 a.m. to pick up our TV of choice. And what did he find? An even bigger TV at an even lower price! Well, we can't pass that deal up, now can we. It was the last one, even. And if every other lunatic at Walmart was buying this TV, it must be the one to get. So, he got it.

Do you think the bigger and better and awesome HD LCD flat screen fit the new entertainment center we had picked out? Nooooooo. Now, the next biggest center is awesome, but for a price. And, why would we get a new entertainment center and put it into the boring old family room? We wouldn't! If we're going to have the space all cleaned up, we're going to paint. And prep. And it's going to be a big, dumb project right in the middle of the holidays. What was a simple and thoughtful suggestion turned into a snowball of gigantic technological proportions.

So, come New Years we have: a brand new HD LCD 46" TV (which, by the way, was shoved into our closet of a master bedroom while we waited for our furniture and it was like a movie theater in there because the TV was way too big for the space) , a brand new entertainment center on order, brand new DirectTV on order so we can actually get some HD channels, and we're choosing paint colors, then painting at 10 p.m. after the kids go to bed.

Long story short, this is what we started with:

We enlisted the help of the only people we knew willing to take on the job:

And, we ended up with this:
For the fiasco it was, it really turned out all right.


Robert said...

Beautiful! Love the TV, E center AND the paint job. I especially like the "hired help"!!! :)

Poetry of Life said...

It looks Awesome!!! What a difference a little paint and a new center makes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all did really good! And for the record--if I lived a lot closer I would have gladly helped. I love to paint!

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