And Then We Had a Baby

Thursday the 14th, our dryer died. Allen figured we should try to fix it before we went out and bought a new one.  I mean, really, the week before the poopinist and barfininst person on the planet is going to show up, the dryer dies. And like I'm going to be schlepping laundry around just after a c-section. I started to freak out a bit about getting us all ready, too. I needed to do wash for 5 people in order to get us all packed and prepped and totally prepared for when baby came. Thankfully, the part came two days later. Not thankfully, it was the wrong part. We placed an order for the right part. Of course, it showed up the afternoon of the 20th.

Thankfully Gma was willing to let us do our drying at her place. Our next door neighbor took pity on us and we did some drying at her place, too. But, I was only doing the essentials, figuring I'd have time to get us all packed, prepped, organized, and totally ready for the baby to come on the 26th.

On Sunday, the 17th, Lexi came down with a wicked case of the hives, accompanied by joint swelling.

Monday was a school holiday and was to be a day spent at Fairyland with Gpa Bob, her sisters and Dad. Rather, she spent the day at the urgent care with mom. The doctor referred us to the allergist and they got us an appointment for Wednesday, the 20th. Lexi was still fighting the rash and swelling so I was glad to have a chance to see the doctor.

So, Monday was spent at the urgent care. Tuesday was school as usual. Wednesday, the 20th, Lexi stayed home from school so we could go to her appointment in Modesto. Emily also has speech in Modesto on Wednesdays. All three girls and I piled into the Mamma Mobile and made our way to spend a long morning in Modesto for both appointments.

On the drive over, I had regular contractions every five minutes. I noticed them, but we had stuff to do so I figured I deal with them later if they continued. As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw that during our 20 minute drive, Lexi's hives had gotten much worse. I decided to go straight to the allergist and get in early if we could.

Poor girl. She was so miserable.

While we waited to see her doctor, the contractions continued. While we were in with the doctor, they continued. On the drive home, they continued.
I took these pictures quick as we ran out the door to make our appointments. 

I'm so glad I captured the last day of the pregnancy!

After 2 hours of consistent contractions, I decided a call to the labor and delivery floor would be necessary.

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