Our Life In Pictures

Aunt Marti (my sister) came to stay for 10 days!
Grandpa Tweet with Sofia.
Grandpa Bob came to the hospital to see us. This was the first time we've ever had a baby near family. We had lots of visitors and loved every minute of it!
Grandma and Papa Riddle came too.
And brought the girls with them.
Addie has been SO excited to be a big sister again.

Holy swelling, Batman.
And is just kept getting worse!
Allen celebrated his 37th birthday. Gpa Bob brought us lunch, a cake, and made sure we remembered to celebrate even though we'd just had a baby.
Aunt Marti loving open gym and the foam pit. 
Uncle Brian (Marti's husband) even made time to come down and help out. 
Then, we had a dance party.
It was a killa, thrilla night!
Marti and Brian had to go home. There were tears all around.
After getting a prescription, my ankles finally came out of hiding.
The classic reflux arch. Gosh, how I HATE reflux and the way it's addressed by the medical community for children under 1. Oh, I have a post being authored in my mind as we speak. The advocate in me just can't stand it. Knowledge is power, and there's so much I wish I'd known as a new mom. Here I am with number 4, and I'm still learning. 
Aaah. A moment of happiness. 
Well, hello there.

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Cass said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

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