Baby #4 Update

I went in last week to have another ultrasound. This one was to take more pictures of the heart since they didn't get a very good look last time.

Her heart looks just great. Four pretty chambers and a strong beat.

She's grown a lot in the last month. Up from 12 oz. to 1 lb. 15 oz. She's also measuring (length and width wise) almost 2 weeks ahead of my calendar due date. None of this is surprising; all of our kids have been on the big side at birth.

Here's the latest pictures of what's going on in there:
Anything that shows up as white is bone. So, her hand is laying by her upper thigh and her legs are curled up toward her head. She's also laying transverse still. So her head is on the left side of my tummy and her feet on the right - straight across my middle.

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