Adenoids Out!

After a couple of years of trying to let her "grow out" of her adenoid issues, we finally just had them taken right out of there. 

We left at o'dark:30 to make our appointment for pre-op. Once there, we learned the doctor was behind schedule. This is the most dreadful news to a parent of a young child. Like a two year old wants to sit in a cold room for hours on end? Thankfully, we had PBS kids on the personal tv in our "stall". I also had my phone and plenty of Emily approved apps for her entertainment needs. We survived the three hour wait quite well, I'd say. 

Before surgery. Super excited!

In fact, Emily didn't seem at all bothered by the cold, sterile cubby where we had gone to "play". Until the anesthesiologist came in and proceeded to explain the procedure to her. He started telling her about masks and sleeping and waking up and everything being ok and not having any shots. She quickly decided everything was NOT ok. What guy comes in and tells a two year old anything? Really. Just let her watch Clifford in blissful ignorance. 
Still happy and content.

After the clueless anesthesiologist came to visit. NOT super excited.
We did get some cool "toys" to help pass the time.
This stuff is all sterile, right?
 It's a minor surgery that takes under 20 minutes to complete. Of course, with a little one, the most traumatic part is the prelude and recovery from anesthesia. Emily was no different. She fussed for about 20 minute whens she woke up. The nurse found an Elmo video and we rested for another hour. Then, they sent us on our merry way. 
On the way home after surgery. NOT excited and super out of it.
Emily did really well for the first three days. She was a little cranky, but for the most part, played well and slept well. She didn't eat much, refusing even ice cream and popsicles. We didn't push it and she was recovering nicely.

Then, day 4 came and she spiked a 103 fever in the night. We brought it down with medication and a luke warm bath. The next day it was still high so I called the doctor. He suggested some antibiotics as a precaution and told me to bring her in right away if she got worse. We weathered day 4, hoping it was the apex of our misery.

Poor Emmy. 
Unfortunately, day 5 was way worse. She was lethargic and burning up. She had the shakes and was drooling. And she had a very wet cough. I called the doctor to try and get an appointment, but 4 hours later, had heard nothing. I called again, got the nurse, and she tried to tell me I'd have to wait for a phone call back from the doctor. When said this to me, I simply asked, "Do you want me to see you or go to the ER. I'm bringing her today." I had an appointment within the hour. 

They did a chest x-ray and saw some streaks which can happen after anesthesia. Sedation can effect lung function enough that infection can set in and develop into pneumonia. She wasn't sick enough to be admitted, thank goodness. We already had our antibiotics and we were able to control the fever so they let us come home with instructions to keep a close watch on her. 

A few days later, she was all better. All in all, the surgery went really well. And, her ability to enunciate has improved 100% since the surgery. I'm not sure if it's because speech therapy is helping. Or if it's the surgery. Or a combination of both. Either way, when she says, "Hi Mom" in the morning, it sounds like "HI" instead of "HA".  She kind of sounds like a regular 2 year old when we do directive speech work.

Hopefully, the number of infections she suffers will be less as we approach cold and flu seasons here, too. Right now, it feels like having the surgery was the right thing to do for Emmy. 

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Liz R. said...

when jackson had his wiener whacked we had to be there by o dark 30 too and then his surgery wasn't until early afternoon. no eating, no drinking from the night before until that late time! why do they do that??

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