Summer Wrap-Up

Summer break has officially ended. School has started, once again. I'm happy to say that this year we had a great summer.

We stayed really busy and tried to get out of the house as much as possible.

Some of our travels included:

Fairyland in Oakland. We locked the outlaws up in the jail.
Sailed the high seas. Aye matey!
Walked in the fairy garden with Grandpa Bob.
Froze a little. Yeah, in the middle of summer even.
Fairy princesses trying to stay warm.
Reunion with long time friends. I was there the day her "baby" came home from the hospital. Now, she's 14 and helped give my babies swim lessons. 
Had a girls' day on the wharf in San Francisco.
Made one last pilgrimage to the beach. This time Daddy came along.
We dug caves.
And went on walks.
And rolled on our tummies in the sand.
Tested the water. Never did make it all the way in, though.
We made a sand castle.
Sang about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand.
Learned about the tides as we watched our sand castle get washed away.
All that's left is the driftwood bridge.
Contemplated life's mysteries.
And spent all day swimming, of course.
We went to the Jelly Belly Factory with our friends. 
Addison was SO happy that day. She hated the hat.
Emily finally warmed up to her hat. Geesh, who'd a thought a hat would cause such problems with the 3 and under crowd?
Happy Gavin.
Grandpa Bob.
Then, Grandpa Tweet (my 98 year old Grandpa who is also a shriner and gets special tickets every year) took us to the circus. 
The animals are ready for the performance!
Hoola Hoops.
The famous elephant (s).
This one happens to be an artist.
And we learned the "dragon" dance.
With temps in triple digits all week long, we are ready to say goodbye to summer!

This was the first summer that went by almost too quickly for us. It took some planning and doing and wasn't entirely perfect, but overall we walked away with good feelings. More over, I think we made some great memories as a family.

Until next year...

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