She Does NOT Like Being Alone

With her two older siblings off to school, Emily has the privilege of hanging out with me. All. by. herself.

She hates it!

The first day, she had two tantrums and ended up crying in my lap for half an hour. She put her face in her hands and moped around.

She misses her sissies and it shows.

In other exciting news, Emily is going to have surgery on Friday to get those pesky adenoids out. It's been a long time coming.

She got her hair did.

Oh, and she's added some more new words. In fact, this evening, she said an entire phrase: "in eyes, mama" meaning the sun was in her eyes. Usually, she just starts yelling to get my attention. This was a huge change for her (and us). She's also saying, "eat, in, dog, of, thank you (this was pretty garbled before)".

And, she says prayer. I say one word, she repeats. She actually enunciates really well. The amazing part is that for kids like her, imitating is how they learn to make the proper mouth shapes for words. You actually have to say to them, "lips only, no tongue" and have them mimic the shape you show with your mouth. During prayer, however, she faces away from me and her eyes are closed. To say the words with correctness, without sight, is a real feat - even miracle if I do say so myself.

That is all.

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