By Small and Simple Things

Ok. The backyard is no small or simple task. But, the rest of the house only needs a few finishing touches to come together. 

We decided to add a privacy screen in the front to help hid the ugly trash cans.
It'll wrap all the way around, but you get the gist.
And, I got Allen a citrus tree. He's been talking about planting one forever, so I got him this clementine as a present. 
See. Ugliness hidden.
Awww. Cute little tree. 
Lest we forget the hired help.

We tried to explain it would work better if she turned it around.
Then, we got some grasses to spruce up the side yard. Before there was just a bunch of junk that had been planted by the contractor guy.
Hodge-podge yuckiness.
Ahhhh. Serene grasses. We planted these in NM and they were gorgeous within months. 
And they will create a natural fence.
Hydrangeas. Just 'cause I love them so.
And, we planted a couple of pumpkins. Gonna carve our own this year. 

A little here, and a little there, and this place will start feel like home, right?

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Mary Willis said...

Love the pictures and think it's great you use words like hodge podge and gist of it. A true Vincent I swear it sounds like your grandma Eva. Lovely home and family.

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