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For our Family Home Evening the week of the 4th, we made our very own fireworks.
Lexi remembered making graham cracker flags a few years ago and asked if we could it again.  
Then, we had some sparkler fun.
It was a leeee-tle windy that evening.

And then some of our own fireworks. Look at us right next to the fire hydrant. Such examples of safety.
And this is why FHE is important to our family.
We did the Hokey Pokey. We put of left legs in...
we put our heads in...
we put our heads out...
we put our whole selves in...
we put our bums in...
And we turned ourselves around.
Then, we had an old fashioned dance party where Daddy showed off his ballet skills.
Like a boss.
On our way to the parade on the 4th of July.
Emily got me in one of those blasted basket ferris wheel death traps at the park. Cousin Ben happened to be in the coffin across from us so I got a quick picture of him in his super cool shades.

Waving to the crowd below.
COLD lemonade!

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