Crown Memorial State Beach

We love to go to the beach. The only issue for us is that I have to run a zone defense instead of man-on-man for most of our day trips. And, at the beach, that means a lot of little bodies in the water without proper supervision. And, that makes the trip full of yelling and anxiety and crying and frustration.

I desperately wanted to get away for the day, but had to find a beach that was safe for the little ones. One where they could basically swim and play on their own with a low death risk. I got a great recommendation for Crown Memorial State Beach.

This place is fantastic! There is a little aquarium and helpful park employees. There is a huge park with picnic tables and plenty of grass to play on if that's your thing. The beach is clean and easy to traverse (even with two year olds carrying the gear). There are bathrooms and even a "bath house" for changing. And, it was free! Usually there is a $5 fee, but the kiosk was un-manned so we got an entire day on the beautiful ocean for the cost of fuel.

The best part of this beach is that it's really more like a lagoon. And yet, there are tiny little breakers that make the kids feel like they are out in the big ocean being really brave and having quite the adventure. A person can wade out for hundreds of yards and it'll just be hip high. There is no under tow. There's not too much sea weed. The water is warm (a real treat for a Northern California beach).

Happy campers.
My view. I really could relax while they played. It was that perfect.

There was lots and lots and lots of running. 
We all had to do our part to get our caravan to the beach with only one adult in the group. There was no complaining by anyone. What are the chances?

Addie loves to read the map and play navigator. She was preparing for the walk back to the car and wanted to make sure we knew our way.
Fear of water?  You wouldn't have known my kids are petrified of swimming by the way they played at this beach. 

 I'm over the moon in love with this place. If I could, I'd go every day. It truly was a place where I could actually enjoy a day with the kids worry free.

You should go. No, seriously, you should go. Like, pack a lunch right now and go. You'll love it too.


Jacquelyn said...

I want to take my kids to the beach But really wanted one without crowds due to maniac runners. Even the baby moves fast. I'll have to check this one out. Also you are brave venturing out with 3 solo. I very rarely do that. Last time was to walmart and Kai vomited from one side of the store to the bathroom. It was awful :)

Rafahi Family said...

That looks so nice and relaxing! I wish we lived in CA again so we could join you!

Liz R. said...

glad it worked out for you! i knew it would be perfect!

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