Wild Things

 We made a trip to the Oakland Zoo. 
See the bubbles around the midsection of Mr. Alligator (or Crocodile, whatever). He was (in what we guessed) trying to get the attention of the lady gator across the way and made them while he sang her his looooovvveee song. 

Grandpa Bob came with us. Great to have a semi-retired Grandpa around to make memories. 

Conveniently placed grain, huh? Right by the fence where the people will stand so they can watch the animal in it's "natural state".

The skies were overcast and the air was cold. Poor Addison was pretty sad about it all. 
She asked to see the pictures I was taking and I told her no. Unless she showed me her happy face. 

Lexi and Grandpa Bob took the sky chair ride. Lexi loved it!
I think we tired them out!

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