Onward and Upward

Welp, we've made it through kindergarten. 

I think we all fared well. Lexi worked hard, made good friends, had an exceptional teacher, and had a good overall experience. She's sad to leave behind her Mrs. Finton, but ready for the challenges of first grade. 

Lexi, at the start of the school year. 
Second to last day of school. Everyone had their sack lunches ready for a field trip to the park.

Mrs. Finton. Can I just say how much we love her? First of all, she's a mom to a kindergartner so she totally gets it. She is enthusiastic and loving but has boundaries. And she made every student their own memory binder with pictures and projects from throughout the year. Then, she gave them special summer homework packet to help us prepare for first grade. Having an awesome teacher is such a great way to start off a school career!
Lexi on the last day of school.

This year has been a great one for Ms. Lexi. She is an excellent student. She is a good friend to others. She tries hard to be helpful. She's learned some good life lessons along the way, too. 

We know she'll do great as a first grader and can't wait to see what adventures we're gonna have next year.

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