Pinecrest Lake

We had a Riddle reunion in Twainharte at the beginning of June. 
We took a little trip over to Pinecrest Lake while we were up that way. 

Gathering pine cones while waiting for the family to find us.
The "men folk" took the kids out in the kayaks.
Hannah babysat Addison for most of the day.  Thanks Hannah!
Lexi with Uncle Brent.
Dani and Papa out for a peaceful tour of the peaceful lake.
Peacefully and securely enjoying the serene mountain views on the calm lake.
Oh look guys! Here comes Uncle Allen. See how excited Dani is to see her uncle?
Aaaaaahhhh! We're all gonna die!
Way to go Uncle Allen.
Happiness restored. 

Addie insisted on rowing. 

Cuddling with Grandma to get warm.

 We had a great time! There was something for everyone to do and not a meltdown in sight (pretty amazing for 10 kids 10 and under, I say). I highly recommend a visit to anyone looking for a good time.

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