A Long Time Ago

We made a trip to the Oakland Temple to see the beautiful Christmas Lights.
We strolled around taking in the chill night air and enjoyed the views.

The sky was crystal clear and we could see across the bay to San Fransisco.
Grandpa Bob doesn't live too far away. He met us, we had dinner and then spent the evening together.
The place is always packed this time of year as the Temple is known for it's Holiday decorations.
We wrapped up the evening with snacks and drinks. Everyone had a really good time and slept great that night!


Rafahi Family said...

The Oakland temple is my favorite. My grandma (on mom's side) worked there as a greeter for many yrs. I am happy that you all were able to see it during the holidays with the lights and decor. :-)

LaNell said...

Fun outing! Beautiful lights and scenery! It's a good family tradition, too. xox

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