And We Did It Again

Grandpa Bob, Grandpa Tweet and Cousin Scott came to celebrate.
For those of you who don't know Grandpa Tweet, that is a look of complete joy. I'm being sincere. He got presents and was with little kids all day. I think he might be happy.
Miss Emily
Addie is Gpa Bob's biggest fan. They are inseparable. I mostly think it's because he does whatever she wants.

The big box that kept everyone guessing all month long.
A super nice kitchen from Gpa Bob.
Yay! Let it be mentioned that the kitchen has not looked like this since this picture. I took this for posterity's sake knowing that it would be perpetually decimated by little hands and creative minds.

We had ham and all of the fixings. There were naps (mostly by the adults of the male population) and visiting and happiness.

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