Emily has been Sleeping Through The Night. However, she has been waking far earlier than we wanted. Last night, she slept the whole night and didn't wake up early! (and, as a tender mercy, the other two didn't wake up either. not. even. once.)

Do I dare say I feel human this morning?


Brad and Lisa said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the info you gave me about the reflux. Once they finally confirmed that reflux is indeed her problem, you were someone who popped into my mind as a great resource! I have already looked over that site quite a bit and I will definitely be trying this out. Thanks so much!

Poetry of Life said...

Yay! I hope that this is a sign of easier days to come. (And I really hope that traveling doesn't jack them all up!)

rl_riddle said...

Congratulations! Hoorah! Yippeee! So glad the commos all came together for this ONE joyous morning! :)

Silcox Stories said...

I should probably be doing a dance of joy for you, but I'm practically in tears that's how happy I am for you!

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