An Actual Conversation

Me {walking in from an afternoon on the town with Lexi}: So, how'd it go?

Allen: Crappy. Literally. I changed 7 diapers while you were gone.

Me: Dude, that is crappy.

Allen: Yeah. Emily had a total blow out. I mean it was up to her shoulders.

Me {eyes wide}: Did you have to give her a bath?

Allen {smiling proudly}: No. I just changed her clothes and used some wipes. And, you know that stuff...that stuff..{pumping gesture}...you know....

Me {face contorting}: The hand sanitizer?

Allen {still proud}: YAH! That stuff. I kinda just wiped it around on her back. You know. 'Cause I thought, this can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you made that conversation up to get our attention....

The Riddle Family said...

That story would have only been better if I could have heard you tell it in person!

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