Of Kids and Horses

I've noticed that many of my philosophies on training colts mirror what I've learned about raising kids.  Here's a few of those parallel ideas:

  • If you're always hanging tight onto the reins, they will never know how to guide themselves.

  • Hold steady and wait for the response you desire.
  • When you see what you're looking for in behavior, be quick to reward.
  • If you over use your aids, they will become numb to your cues.
  • When bad behavior comes up unexpectedly, rule out illness or pain first.

  • Change the environment; change the mind.
  • Sometimes, they really just need a lot of wet saddle blankets.
  • Don't take it personal.
  • A gentle touch will go much farther to produce the desired response than a jerk of the reins or a jab of the spur.
  • If you are anxious, they will be scared. If you are over riding, they will be bracey. If you are soft, they will melt into your hands.
  • Do the groundwork and you'll enjoy the fun stuff later.
  • Common sense will get you far.
  • Ride with people who are better than you.
  • Sometimes, you gotta just let them be horses.
  • Be a student of learning.
  • Be a trainer first so you can be a friend later.
  • Although you are the trainer, your colts will likely give you the education.
  • One you've lost your temper, you've lost the opportunity for teaching to occur.
  • It takes a lot of years to make a good one.
  • Just when you get them where you want them, they're gone.


Momza said...

I loved this!
I grew up with horses, and this rings so true! Never thought to compare kids to horses, but now thanks to you, I see the comparisons and they are awesome!!!

Well said!!

Saimi said...

Amazing and so true, every word! I am indeed a horse woman and you analogy is perfect!

I'm going to share this with my husband I think he'll get a 'kick' out of it! :)

Silcox Stories said...

This is really insightful. I don't think I can relate kids to dance; hmm I'll think about it. Hope all is well, can't wait until you are here!

Hatch Family said...

hey traci! i didn't realize i'm raising two colts in my home. i would love to send them to board at your house for awhile for some training....

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